ActiveDEFENDER is our comprehensive solution for accurate patient encounter management. Our approach includes and extends beyond registration accuracy by continuously detecting errors for resolution during and after the patient visit. ActiveDEFENDER notifies associates to address issues in real time, significantly reducing rework and preventing reimbursement delays, denials, and underpayments.


  • Reduce technical denials
  • Measure registrar accuracy and performance
  • Data and documentation issues flagged for resolution
  • Reconciliation Routines – Identifies duplicate or missing entries to produce exception reports and/or work queues for correction
  • Escalate issues that go unresolved beyond specified deadlines
  • 2-Day vs. 4-Day Maternity Stays – Reviews maternity accounts on 3rd and 5th day to confirm coverage and benefits are accurate


  • Real-time account monitoring and dashboards
  • Registrar report cards provided for performance and peer review
  • Identify deficiencies in real time and drive action to reduce rework
  • Identify actionable events and push work objects to the appropriate person for resolution
  • Monitor changes in Patient Status, Insurance, Procedures, and Dates of Service
  • Improve throughput & financial performance
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  • ED Registration – Monitors “quick registration” ED patients to ensure full registration is completed before discharge
  • High Balance Accounts – Establishes review thresholds for total charges and patient balances to avoid surprises on the backend
  • Observation Patients – Identifies OBS patients that have not been discharged or admitted
  • Concurrent Review – Tracks length of stay to benefits/coverage and routes to appropriate team as limits are approached
  • Readmissions – Flags accounts within 30 days of discharge for review; uses business rules to identify potential readmissions

Quality Assurance & Denial Prevention

Deficiency Tracking and Resolution

ActiveDEFENDER applies business rules according to each patient encounter’s unique data, documentation, and processing requirements. It detects actionable and time-sensitive events, then enforces deadlines and drives behavior through automated alerts to associates and escalation of issues to management.



ActiveDEFENDER maintains an audit trail of each change and identifies where a specific error entered the system, thereby assigning responsibility to resolve known issues to the person who created them. It also produces user report cards showing each user’s performance relative to their peers and their most frequent error types. ActiveDEFENDER can track and report user errors by site, department, peer group, and individual.


Comprehensive Reporting

ActiveDEFENDER includes a complete library of interactive, on-demand reports for managing encounter issues and exceptions. Your facility can “drill down” into the detail behind the numbers, utilize visual graphs, and easily build custom reports without programming expertise.

Client Success Stories

99.9% Registration Accuracy!

Bon Secours Charity Health System

“Bon Secours Charity Health System Sees 99.9% Registration Accuracy and $25 Million Profit & Loss Improvement with HealthWare Systems’ ActiveDEFENDER”

Registration Accuracy Increased from 62% to 99.9%

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