Do you provide training on your software?

We provide on-site training directly to end users, super users (site experts), and administrators, as well as online training if needed. User interfaces are intuitive, and most end users are proficient in less than 1 hour.

We schedule multiple training sessions across different shifts to ensure that all users are comfortable with the system prior to go-live. Our site support personnel are on-site during go-live to provide additional training, reinforce key concepts, and to perform proficiency audits.

Our experience has shown that a train-the-trainer program can be effective, but that direct training provided to all users is the best insurance policy towards a successful launch.

What is your support policy?

HealthWare Systems’ commitment to customer service and support is unparalleled. We provide 24/7/365 support from our own dedicated staff (we do not outsource our support to 3rd parties or offshore firms).

How can your solutions benefit our employees?

Our workflow automation software makes your employees’ lives easier! Automating routine and manual tasks gives your teams more time to focus on providing quality care to patients.

Here are just a few examples of how our workflow management technology can improve productivity at your healthcare facility:

  • Staff will see a significant reduction in rework due to financially clearing patients prior to arrival, patient registration quality assurance, and deficiency management and resolution beyond patient registration.

  • Staff spend less time following up on and resubmitting claims thanks to a reduction in technical denials.

  • Registrars no longer need to memorize forms selection criteria for every type of patient encounter, government regulation, and payor-specific requirement, or prepare/print forms prior to patient arrival.

  • There is no need to handwrite/type information in, or attach labels to, healthcare forms because they can be pre-populated with patient data and barcode automation.

  • Eliminating lost or misplaced orders means staff members aren’t spending time tracking them down upon a patient’s arrival.

  • One centralized, consolidated user interface removes the burden of toggling between multiple systems.

  • Our robust analytics software and real-time healthcare reporting dashboards enable you to better allocate resources and staff and better balance workloads. You can also monitor employee performance, giving you the opportunity to both hold staff accountable and recognize them for achievements and hard work.

  • These workflow improvements will not only increase hospital efficiency, but also improve employee morale and retention.

What changes to their current processes should our users expect once the software is installed?

ActiveWARE features are designed to support and enhance your current processes by incorporating best practices and managing healthcare workflow with automation.

As discussed above, users will experience improved productivity, efficiency, and morale when provided with cutting-edge technology that empowers them to do their best work.

Will our physicians have to learn new software?

No – Our RCM solutions require no change in behavior for employed or non-employed physicians.

How can your solutions help our patients?
  • Improving patient access to care – Our pre-arrival workflow solution streamlines prior authorization to avoid unnecessary delays in treatment. Our healthcare analytics software can identify scheduling deficiencies, allowing you to serve more patients.

  • Improving the patient experience – Our patient tracking system reduces patient wait times, provides patient check-in kiosk options, delivers real-time patient status updates to family members, links the valet service to the discharge process, and operates as a wayfinding solution for visitors.

  • Alleviating financial stressors – Our patient payment estimator reduces uncertainty around out-of-pocket costs.

  • Creating a culture of patient advocacy – Our financial assistance screening software can identify alternative funding sources for patients and manage the application process for them.

  • All of our RCM solutions serve both your facility and your patients, while also increasing patient satisfaction scores.

How can your solutions protect our revenue cycle integrity?

In addition to the cost savings generated by improved productivity, employee retention, and resource/FTE allocation, our RCM and workflow management software protects revenue cycle integrity in the following ways:

  • Streamlines pre-authorization to financially clear patients prior to arrival
  • Reduces denials, including decreasing medical necessity denials
  • Provides patient registration quality assurance
  • Continues to monitor the patient encounter for deficiencies beyond registration and for status changes that affect reimbursement
  • Escalates issues and routes them for resolution by specified deadlines
  • Verifies insurance and eligibility in real time
  • Finds government-funded and charitable sources of payment for patients, exhausting all other options first so that provider is payer of last resort
  • Detects unreported coverage for patients
  • Automates the appeals management process to resolve claims more quickly and with higher success rates
  • Segments and prioritizes patients based on propensity to pay
  • Simplifies the collections process and increases point-of service collections
  • Decreases contingency fees paid to vendors for collections
  • Identifies scheduling deficiencies, improves patient throughput, and lowers patient wait times, increasing the number of patients you can see
  • Electronically manages documentation and healthcare data exchange, eliminating lost orders and reducing referral leakage and rescheduled appointments
  • Reminds patients of upcoming appointments with automated messaging, reducing no-show appointments
  • Improves physician satisfaction and retention
  • Improves patient satisfaction and retention
How do you price your solutions?

All costs (e.g. software, implementation, training, transaction fees, hardware) are included in one monthly subscription payment and there are NO upfront fees. Our clients enjoy a more immediate return on investment with this pricing model.

Why should we partner with HealthWare Systems?

We’ve been engineering cutting-edge revenue cycle management technology that benefits patients, physicians, hospitals, and health systems since 1998. Our custom RCM solutions and workflow management software are proven to deliver on our promises:

Better patient experiences. Improved physician satisfaction. Stronger healthcare revenue cycle.

There are many niche products that address one or more aspects of the revenue cycle, but there still exists a need to integrate these technologies into a cohesive electronic financial record. HealthWare Systems specializes in integrating proprietary and third-party patient access technologies into a seamless solution that ensures every patient encounter is financially and clinically cleared prior to date of service.

Our ActiveWARE modules can fill in the gaps of your current solutions – we’ll provide the platform to “tie it all together” without replacing your investment in your existing technology.

What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Workflow automation, also referred to as Business Process Automation (BPA), is used to streamline processes, engagement, and enforce standards across any process.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Technology that utilizes software robots to perform repetitive tasks and perform computer-based operations just like people do. . . .except they can do it faster, more consistently, 24 hours a day, and never require a break or time off.

Out implementation of RPA can support both unattended and interactive automation.

What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

Technology that can take unstructured information and make it actionable by extracting actionable data. It can interpret information, categorize the extracted information, and provide information objects for use within BPM and RPA processes.

What is Intelligent Automation (IA)?

Think of IA as the solution that links automation technologies together to deliver a complete end-to-end solution. IA is typically comprised of three primary components:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (NLP, Machine Learning)
  2. Business Process Automation (BPA)
  3. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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