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HealthWare Systems is a leading provider of fully integrated, customizable workflow solutions and revenue cycle and patient management software. We specialize in streamlining organizational workflows and applying robotic process automation (RPA) to healthcare processes in order to improve both the patient experience and the revenue cycle.

Our RCM technology focuses on the patient experience and patient engagement because it is key to revenue cycle success. Through our ActiveWARE platform of products that manages the full scope of revenue cycle activities and the entire patient encounter, we’re creating better patient experiences, increasing physician satisfaction, and strengthening the revenue cycles of healthcare organizations throughout the country.

Learn how you can prioritize the patient experience and drive revenue with our market-leading solutions below.

ActiveWARE RCM Solutions

Healthcare Technology Solutions


Revenue Cycle Workflow Management
Facilitator Workflow Management

Facilitator is an all-in-one revenue cycle platform that streamlines pre-arrival, prior authorization, insurance verification, medical necessity checking, financial assistance screening, appeals management, release of information, and more.

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) utilizes software robots to execute repetitive tasks so that staff can focus on higher-level objectives. We can evaluate your processes and user activities to identify and automate redundant actions through RPA.

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Digital Transformation

ActiveXCHANGE manages physician orders and structured/unstructured data from multiple sources, transforms all objects into actionable information, delivers information in virtually any format, and improves physician satisfaction.

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Electronic Medical Forms Automation

ActiveFORMS auto-populates data on forms, instantly and electronically delivers the correct documentation (specific to the patient visit) wherever a patient presents, and facilitates bedside registration.

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Patient Tracking System
Patient Tracking System

ActiveTRACK provides real-time patient status while enabling healthcare facilities to measure and reach specific goals related to increased efficiency, shorter registration and patient wait times, and improved patient satisfaction scores.

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Self-Pay Financial Assistance Screening

ActiveASSIST finds alternative funding sources for patients’ medical bills, supports patient advocacy through financial counseling and financial assistance, and ensures that uninsured and underinsured patients are managed consistently.

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Revenue Cycle Management Technology Software Solutions

Better patient experiences. Improved physician satisfaction.
Stronger healthcare revenue cycle.

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