HealthWare Systems’ ActiveDEFENDER monitors each patient encounter, looking for actionable events and driving behavior through report cards and automated alerts. Associates are notified to take action and address issues in real-time, significantly reducing rework and the negative impact on clinical and billing activities.


✓ Reduce technical denials…by getting it right the first time

✓ Measure registrar accuracy and performance

✓ Identify deficiencies in real-time and drive action to reduce rework

✓ Real-time account monitoring and dashboards

✓ Data and documentation issues flagged for resolution

✓ Registrar report cards provided for performance and peer review

✓ Escalate issues that go unresolved beyond specified deadlines

✓ Identify actionable events and push work objects to the appropriate person for resolution

✓ Monitor changes in Patient Status, Insurance, Procedures, and Dates of Service

✓ Improve throughput & financial performance

Our Patient Encounter Management Solution Includes: ActiveDEFENDER

ActiveDEFENDER is designed to manage encounter accuracy, not just registration accuracy. There are many opportunities for errors and issues to enter the process AFTER registration is completed. Any solution that stops monitoring the encounter, stops enforcing accuracy and leaves the encounter vulnerable to data and documentation deficiencies that can occur during and after the patient visit.

​Our comprehensive approach to accurate patient encounter management involves more than just data. It involves making sure that all information is correct within the context of each registration’s unique data, documentation and processing requirements.

Client Success Stories

Bon Secours Charity Health Center

“Bon Secours Charity Health System Sees 99.9% Registration Accuracy and $25 Million Profit & Loss Improvement with HealthWare Systems’ ActiveDEFENDER”

Registration Accuracy Increased from 62% to 99.9%

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