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Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Eliminates 1.3 Million Pages Per Year and Reduces Patient Wait Times by 28% with HealthWare Systems’ ActiveXCHANGE


  • Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center


  • Manual processes for handling and filing paper patient charts; missing physician orders and faxes; communication issues (externally and between departments)

Solution Delivered

  • ActiveXCHANGE, a paperless, automated revenue cycle solution that efficiently manages faxed data, documentation, images, and data feeds electronically

Key Metrics

  • Located in Chicago, IL
  • Over 800 physicians on staff
  • 409 staffed hospital beds
  • Net patient revenue: $371 million


  • Cost savings by going paperless:
    • 1.3 million pages eliminated per year
    • 18,333 folders eliminated
  • 28% reduction in patient wait times
  • 8 FTEs repurposed
  • Reduced internal workloads through the automation of manual processes
  • Improved departmental efficiency
  • Enhanced communication
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Increased physician satisfaction
  • Increased patient satisfaction


Illinois Masonic Medical Center is part of Advocate Health Care, one of the top healthcare systems in the country and the largest fully integrated healthcare delivery system in Illinois. Recently, the hospital replaced its manual procedures with a paperless, electronic solution.

ActiveXCHANGE Software

The Challenge

Illinois Masonic’s former manual processes for dealing with paper patient charts and other documentation were creating a great deal of challenges for staff, physicians, and patients. Staff had to manually locate charts upon patient arrival, pull charts by date and service for delivery to each registration area, each day, and compile each chart with all necessary forms, eligibility printouts, stickers, and armbands. If a patient presented on the wrong day, the chart had to be recompiled. Work queues consisted of stacks of charts and filing cabinets were used as work queues for insurance verification.

Communication, between departments and externally, also suffered. Photo IDs, insurance cards, and consent forms were copied and sent with the patient and chart. Half the chart was sent to Clinical, the other half to PFS for scanning and storage. Faxes did not always make it to Central Scheduling, ending up in multiple other departments instead.

With this system in place, patient charts could be misplaced, patients were known to present without physician orders, and staff members were unable to reach physicians when orders went missing.

The Result

The hospital’s Patient Access Department Advisory Council was tasked with finding a comprehensive solution that could address each of these problems. They worked with HealthWare Systems to implement ActiveXCHANGE and integrate all of their disparate activities into a single cohesive process. The new paperless solution manages datadriven work queues for Patient Type, Procedure, and Payor, and includes Pre-Arrival and Change in Status Workflows.

ActiveXCHANGE has simplified and automated all necessary steps between physician offices, Patient Access, and the clinical departments, including: Scheduling, Pre-Registration, Eligibility, PreCertification/Authorization, Medical Necessity, Pricing, Collections, and Financial Counseling.

Illinois Masonic now electronically manages its orders and patient folders. Manual filing is a thing of the past with the hospital’s new Electronic Patient Folder system. They now use electronic forms and patients can even complete their registrations with Electronic Signature of required forms.


The Benefits

Thanks to its new digital order management solution, Illinois Masonic has eliminated paper charts and the manual filing system at the hospital, and decreased paper use by 1.3 million pages per year. ActiveXCHANGE has also reduced internal and external communication issues by simplifying and automating formerly manual processes. Due to the increased staff efficiency afforded by the solution’s automated workflows, the hospital has been able to lessen internal workloads and repurpose eight FTEs. In addition to the cost savings provided by these improvements, Advocate Illinois Masonic has seen a 28% reduction in patient wait times.

Ultimately, all parties have seen benefits, resulting in increased staff, physician, and patient satisfaction.

About ActiveXCHANGE

HealthWare Systems’ ActiveXCHANGE is a comprehensive, paperless solution for efficiently managing all faxed data and documentation, images, and data feeds electronically. It provides a single, consistent interface for scheduling and pre-arrival by consolidating information from multiple scheduling systems, web-based requisition systems, EMRs, faxes, hard copies, and verbal appointments. And, the benefits of ActiveXCHANGE are achieved without the need for referring physicians and third party testing facilities to change their behavior.

HealthWare Systems specializes in integrating proprietary and third party patient access technologies into a seamless solution that ensures every patient encounter is financially and clinically cleared prior to date of service. Our solutions enforce data and documentation standards throughout the patient encounter. These benefits are provided as extensions to existing hospital information systems and other solutions. We provide the platform to “tie it all together” without replacing your investment in your current products and solutions.

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