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We can analyze your paper and fax-based workflows and offer alternatives that allow your associates to work from home. Your team can do so in a HIPAA-compliant, secure environment that provides you with complete oversight and review of their work. Schedule a phone consultation and we’ll help you determine which areas your organization should target in order to make the biggest impact.

Enable Healthcare Staff to Work from Home


Health systems are hesitant to offer remote work opportunities due to concerns over uncontrolled access to PHI. Our off-site print management workflow solutions offer:

  • Utilizes our ActiveXCHANGE product
  • Full transparency
  • Controlled access to PHI
  • Complete audit trails
  • Elimination of intermediate hard copies/storage of paper forms
  • Encryption of all information at all times
  • Productivity monitoring for real-time oversight
  • Assessment of workflows and user tasks/activities to identify and automate redundant actions

Benefits of Moving Non-Essential Healthcare Staff Off-Site

Improve recruitment, retention, and employee satisfaction

Limit the number of people on-site, especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis

Estimated savings of $10K per year per worker


Common Use Cases

  • Patient correspondence (e.g. Early Out, statements, collection letters, outreach, reminders)
  • Physician correspondence (e.g. medical necessity results, lab results/reports, admit notifications)
  • Payer correspondence (e.g. admit notifications, appeals, EOB, RAC audit requests, contracts)
  • Vendor correspondence (e.g. account updates, expense reports, invoices, contracts)
  • Mailroom staff and services
  • Basic deficiency management
  • Forms and packet assembly (e.g. appeal packets, financial assistance packets, patient information packets)
  • Release of information
  • Requisition processing
  • Credentialing
  • And more

Which aspects of your operation would you move off-site if you could?

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The Gateway

  • Automatically interprets incoming information objects and delivers them (in virtually any format) to their proper destinations
  • Automatically identifies actionable data and routes it to the appropriate team or individual for follow-up/resolution
  • Reduces the number of staff members who must handle each information object
  • Allows for secure off-site exception handling
  • Manages all types of information objects, regardless of source (fax, email, direct messaging, scanned images, physical media, etc.)
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Replaces paper-based forms with digital alternatives, thereby eliminating:

  • Pre-printed forms and label costs
  • Inventory/storage of paper-based forms and labels
  • Manual forms assembly and preparation
  • Multi-part forms
  • Legibility issues
  • Waste from unused pre-printed forms due to revisions and updates
  • Guesswork of which forms are needed in each situation or patient encounter
Go paperless with ActiveFORMS and reduce your environmental footprint and potential for error.
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ActivePRINT can be used to capture information from multiple third-party systems (such as output from payer websites, medical necessity results, ABNs, and patient estimates) by simply printing directly to the ActivePRINT driver. A "session" is created which enables the user to accumulate additional documents, arrange the order of the documents, and release them as a batch when ready.

  • Eliminates the need to print hardcopy documents
  • Provides common method for capturing information in ANY application
  • Allows your staff to more effectively share information between systems and internal/external users
  • Release information electronically by simply printing directly to approved destinations
  • Maintain audit trail of delivered information

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