ActiveASSIST is our financial assistance screening tool and workflow management solution. ActiveASSIST can be utilized by rural facility staff to identify potential funding sources for patient accounts prior to their date of service and ensures the provider is payer of last resort by exhausting all other options first. Promote patient advocacy at your rural facility by not only lowering or eliminating patients’ medical fees, but also through empowering patients with financial counseling and education. Patients who understand their own financial responsibility are much more likely to make their payments (if they can).

Did You Know?

Rural patients are more likely to be uninsured than are non-rural patients.²

12.5% of U.S. adults are uninsured, ages 19 to 64. ¹

43.4% of U.S. adults ages 19 to 64 are inadequately insured (uninsured, underinsured based on out-of-pocket medical costs compared to income, or experienced a gap in coverage). ¹


¹ The Commonwealth Fund – “Biennial Health Insurance Survey” (2020)
² United States Census Bureau – “Health Insurance in Rural America” (2019)

  • Identify potential funding sources prior to date of service
  • Ensure provider is payer of last resort by exhausting all other options first
  • Segment and prioritize based on propensity to pay
  • Facilitate and assist staff with follow-up and counseling discussions
  • More effectively manage your self-pay and patient pay population
  • Provide compassionate, supportive counseling to self-pay and under-insured patients
  • Integrated calculators for defining household income and resources
  • Improve patient advocacy with real-time updates & simultaneous pursuit of multiple programs
  • Provides payment collection options based on each patient’s situation
  • Pre-populate application forms
  • Utilize business rules to identify best candidates for assistance programs
  • Integrated, real-time presumptive scoring on the front end, upon request, & prior to bad debt
  • Distributed workflow supporting internal staff, onsite vendors, & offsite/field associates
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Patients are now responsible for a larger portion of healthcare costs than ever before. Even those who have health coverage may be considered “underinsured” due to high cost-sharing plans that leave them with significant out-of-pocket expenses they often cannot afford to pay. The financial viability of rural healthcare facilities will depend on their ability to find alternative funding sources for these medical bills.

ActiveASSIST streamlines and automates the financial assistance process by:
  • Utilizing business rules to determine which patients are most likely to qualify for charitable assistance.
  • Simultaneously pursuing multiple assistance programs for these patients.
  • Pre-populating patients’ application forms with their data.
  • Providing real-time updates, while monitoring progress and documentation requirements.
  • Tracking follow-up tasks and escalating accounts that are not advancing at an acceptable pace.
Implementing ActiveASSIST at your facility does not require you to hire additional employees – our solution is designed to enable your internal staff, on-site vendors, and/or off-site and field associates to manage your self-pay and underinsured patient population.
ActiveASSIST aids staff with follow-up and counseling discussions, helping them provide compassionate, supportive guidance and providing payment collection options based on each patient’s situation.


IMPROVING RURAL PATIENTS’This woman taking her daughter to see a doctor represents one of the responsibilities of some women as healthcare decision makers.ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE

Many rural patients face unique barriers to healthcare access, which may include living long distances from healthcare facilities and specialists, poverty, provider shortages, and rural hospital closures or service cutbacks – and each of these has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, rural patients are more likely to be uninsured than are non-rural patients. Unfortunately, insufficient health coverage is a major barrier to healthcare access and can cause patients to delay or avoid medical care altogether. ActiveASSIST can help you remove some of these obstacles and improve your patients’ access to the care they need. With ActiveASSIST, you can both alleviate your patients’ financial burden and enhance the financial outlook of your own organization to ensure you remain open and can continue serving your patients and community.


Anytime, Anywhere! At point of (pre)registration, bedside, PFS, and in the field


Guarantees that ALL patients are given the same fair and level assessment


Redirect collection efforts and activities based on ability to pay

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