HealthWare Systems' a proven workflow and integration platform, Facilitator, is built to meet the demands of the healthcare marketplace. Facilitator streamlines pre-arrival workflow, prior authorization, insurance verification, medical necessity checking, financial assistance screening, appeals management, release of information, and more.


  • Platform agnostic solution
  • Business rules engine to automate event processing
  • Automated deficiency tracking and escalation
  • Integrated forms and messaging library to automate information delivery
  • Enforces data and documentation standards throughout the encounter
  • Utilizes Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
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  • Integration tools to make ALL information “actionable” in real-time – regardless of format
  • Manages and responds automatically to external events (e.g. change in status)
  • Alerts/Notifications based on escalation rules to keep high profile items on your radar at all times
  • Automatically releases information electronically to EMR/EHR and 3rd party products
  • APIs and web services to host 3rd party products within Facilitator framework


True business process automation (BPA), also known sometimes as artificial intelligence (ai), goes way beyond the traditional “work list” approaches.

It’s about . . .

  • applying business logic to anticipate next steps and automate them whenever possible.
  • removing the burden to perform routine operations from the users and letting the system do the work for them.
  • making ALL information “actionable” to ensure that each patient account is managed proactively and no issue ever becomes out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

Facilitator delivers on these needs as a BPA and workflow software designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

Workflow Distribution | Deficiency Management

Automated Messaging | Alerts & Notifications

Integration Tools | Integrated Forms Library

Productivity Reports | Quality Assurance


✓ Workflow Distribution
✓ Deficiency Management

✓ Automated Messaging
✓ Integrated Forms Library

✓ Integration Tools
✓ Quality Assurance

✓ Alerts/Notifications
✓ Productivity Reports

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