ActiveORDER is a web-based ordering solution for outpatient imaging centers and radiology departments to easily allow physicians to submit schedule requests from their own office.


✓ Platform agnostic solution

✓ Simple point-and-click procedure selection

✓ Visibility into available appointment times across multiple locations

✓ Clinical questions mapped to procedure

✓ Generates prep instructions on demand at point of entry

✓ Reserves appointments within existing scheduling system

✓ Optional medical necessity checking at point of entry

✓ Allows physician to publish common templates for reuse

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Our Radiology + Medical Imaging Solution Includes: ActiveORDER

ActiveORDER is a web-based ordering platform for free-standing, outpatient imaging centers and for hospital imaging departments that manage their own orders/schedules. It’s a customizable tool that helps these professionals submit imaging orders, while simultaneously scheduling procedure reservations—all with much greater speed and accuracy than traditional submission allows.

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