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Presence Health Reduces Call Times by 75% and Registration Times by 50% with ActiveXCHANGE


  • Presence Health


  • Missing orders due to 6 separate Meditech systems, forcing the health system to turn patients away

Solution Delivered

  • ActiveXCHANGE, a paperless, automated revenue cycle solution that efficiently manages faxed data, documentation, images, and data feeds electronically in a single interface, regardless of source

Key Metrics

  • Locations throughout the state of IL
  • One of the state’s largest behavioral health service networks
  • Nationally recognized for quality heart care and open heart surgery


  • Consolidated 6 separate Meditech systems into 1 pre-arrival workflow
  • Reduced Central Scheduling call times by 75% (from 20 min. to 5 min.)
  • Reduced registration encounter times by 50% (from 12 min. to under 6 min.)
  • Reduced outpatient wait times to under 10 min.
  • Increased outpatient satisfaction scores to the 80-90th percentile
  • Repurposed 37 FTEs •Reduced RN clerical work
  • Reduced paper use
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased physician satisfaction
  • Improved communication
  • Zero patients turned away

“We have a policy at Presence that no patient should ever be turned away, no matter what time of day it is…We have the technology to accomplish that.”
-Amanda Hayes, System Director of Pre-Access Presence Health

Presence Health, one of Illinois’ largest behavioral health service networks, has greatly increased efficiency in Patient Access with HealthWare Systems’ ActiveXCHANGE, enabling the health system to serve more patients while increasing revenue and satisfaction scores.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing ActiveXCHANGE, Presence had to turn away as many as 10 patients per week at any one of its various facilities. “We didn’t have eyes on all of our orders that were coming through,” explains Amanda Hayes (System Director of Pre-Access for Presence Health). Orders could have been received at “any number of faxing areas or work queues,” including the physical therapy department, an office off-site from a hospital, or multiple ambulatory campuses.

Part of the problem was that its health information system was spread across 6 separate Meditech platforms. Presence needed a solution that could provide one uniform interface for scheduling and pre-arrival.

The Result

Presence found its answer in ActiveXCHANGE, which consolidated the 6 separate Meditech systems into 1 pre-arrival workflow. Thanks to the new technology, Presence was able to repurpose 37 FTEs and create an “Acts of Support Center.” This unit performs numerous tasks, including insurance verification, medical necessity clearance, and physician office correspondence, which Hayes describes as “stocking the shelf” for other departments who no longer have to devote time (or paper) to these responsibilities and therefore operate more efficiently.

Not only does ActiveXCHANGE increase efficiency, but it also more effectively manages data, eliminating the problem of lost orders so that Presence no longer has to turn patients away. As Hayes explains: “We have empowered our users. They’re able to use this technology to ensure that they can find an order no matter where it’s received.”

In fact, many workflow features of the solution increase efficiency and make life easier for users, while also improving patient and physician satisfaction. For example, when an object is routed through the pre-arrival process, the Pre-Processing Screen can improve image quality and rotate it if received upside down, identify form type, extract fields (Patient Name/DOB, Physician Name, etc.) and recognize signatures/checkboxes on a form, and highlight desired results. And the HL7 Auto Indexing feature automatically populates form fields based on Presence Health’s HL7 feeds, saving time for all parties.

Hayes believes one of the best features is the Reporting Engine, which provides Presence with custom, detailed information used to further improve efficiency. For instance, the “Rejected Fax Detail By Physician” report helps Presence determine what is preventing an order from flowing “seamlessly through the pre-arrival process” (e.g. illegibility, incomplete protocol details) and then amend the issue. Presence also uses Productivity and PHI reports to keep users accountable, and ActiveXCHANGE can audit details as specific as a user’s viewing activity or a user indexing a specific field. This is a favorite of Hayes’ as well: “Our Presence Compliance Department really likes that we have this feature, and it’s not something that I’ve seen in other products.”

Hayes points out that the order audit trail helps Presence “treat the patient as a whole, and not as multiple orders coming through at various times.” And, “Our physicians really like this feature as well. Sometimes they call us because we’ve got the best data on hand – maybe even better than their EMR does.” Physicians also appreciate that Presence can prepare future orders for specific timeframes (e.g. 10 days before a patient’s next appointment, one year in advance) within ActiveXCHANGE as this eases their office workflow.

Another physician and patient satisfier is the Medical Necessity workflow, which begins as soon as an order is received. Hayes explains that the rate at which Presence must secure an ABN “is far, far less than 1% of our encounters” because staff can make sure an order passes Medical Necessity guidelines prior to patient arrival. When the patient does arrive, Presence can “secure a follow-up order, rather than securing an ABN.”

Each of these ActiveXCHANGE features enables Presence to ensure financial and clinical clearance prior to patients presenting, reducing wait times and eliminating the need to turn patients away. As Hayes puts it, “It’s the combination of all these things behind the scenes that to more seamlessly serve the patient.”

The Benefits

The overall increase in efficiency and repurposing of 37 FTEs have resulted in significant improvements for Presence Health. ActiveXCHANGE has reduced call times in the Central Scheduling Unit by 75%. The call encounter time for scheduling and pre-registering a patient was as high as 20 minutes and is now 5 minutes. ActiveXCHANGE has reduced registration encounter times by 50%. Registration encounter times that took up to 12 minutes for existing patients are now under 6 minutes. Outpatient wait times are now under 10 minutes.

According to Hayes, Presence is continuously looking for ways to further leverage ActiveXCHANGE. Recently, the health system increased revenue by providing MRIs to outpatients: “ActiveXCHANGE allowed us to achieve that workflow. And for just one facility in one year, that equates to almost $100,000 for our contribution margin.”

And, on top of boosting its bottom line, Presence raised outpatient satisfaction scores to the 80-90th percentile.

About ActiveXCHANGE

HealthWare Systems’ ActiveXCHANGE is a comprehensive, paperless solution for efficiently managing all faxed data and documentation, images, and data feeds electronically. It provides a single, consistent interface for scheduling and pre-arrival by consolidating information from multiple scheduling systems, web-based requisition systems, EMRs, faxes, direct messaging, hard copies, and verbal appointments. These benefits are achieved without the need for referring physicians and third party testing facilities to change their behavior.

HealthWare Systems specializes in integrating proprietary and third party patient access technologies into a seamless solution that ensures every patient encounter is financially and clinically cleared prior to date of service. Our solutions enforce data and documentation standards throughout the patient encounter. These benefits are provided as extensions to existing hospital information systems and other solutions. We provide the platform to “tie it all together” without replacing your investment in your current products and solutions.

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