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ActiveTRACK Reduces Wait Times and Increases Patient & Family Satisfaction at a New York Hospital


  • 2-campus teaching hospital


  • Lack of communication to patients and their families; dissatisfied patients and patient family members

Solution Delivered

  • ActiveXCHANGE, a patient tracking system that integrates with a facility’s existing technologies to provide real-time patient status throughout the entire encounter

Key Metrics

  • A teaching hospital with 2 campuses
  • Over 700 beds
  • Facilities include 2 emergency departments and an education center
  • Services and departments include surgery, cancer services, pediatrics, psychiatry, substance abuse, and additional specialty programs


  • Reduced wait times in Cardiology Department
  • Increased patient satisfaction scores to 4.5 out of 5 points
  • Improved communication between the hospital and patients’ family members
  • Complete patient visibility across the enterprise for all clinicians
  • Real-time communication and alerts across all departments
  • Easy-to-use technology for staff
  • Protects patient privacy in accordance with HIPAA
  • Better patient throughput
  • Better patient experience
  • Happy patient family members

“It is a very, very, very, useful, helpful, and amazing tool. I’ve never seen a system like this.”
-Director, IS Clinical Systems Services at a teaching hospital in New York

The featured hospital is part of a health system that is one of the largest healthcare providers and private employers in New York. This hospital recently addressed its communication challenges using ActiveTRACK, HealthWare Systems’ patient tracking solution, resulting in improved patient experiences and higher patient satisfaction scores.

The Challenge

The Director of IS Clinical Systems Services for the facility explains that the hospital “was having some issues with wait times and family communication.” Before ActiveTRACK:

“A patient would be in recovery and the family members would have no idea. They’d be waiting in the waiting room for sometimes an hour, an hour and a half, two hours… when the patient was completely finished.”

The hospital sought to improve the patient experience by better communicating to patients in the waiting room, as well as with their family members who remained in the waiting area during procedures. The Director of IS Clinical Systems Services was also specifically interested in using a patient tracking board to help meet this challenge.

The Result

A simple Google search led the hospital to HealthWare Systems and ActiveTRACK, the solution that has met each of these needs and more. Waiting patients are now directed by ActiveTRACK’s ActiveDISPLAY feature, a notification board that delivers an audible tone and/or message when a registrar is available and visually informs patients to proceed to a registration booth. Patient confidentiality (in accordance with HIPAA) is ensured by assigning patients alphanumeric identifiers.

ActiveTRACK keeps family members informed as well by providing realtime patient status updates to them in the waiting room:

“The families love it!” – IS Clinical Systems Services Director

Patients and their family members also enjoy the lower wait times that ActiveTRACK has helped the hospital achieve. This technology monitors patient throughput in real-time, alerting staff when patient wait times exceed a set standard or the number of patients waiting exceeds an established threshold. These alerts, along with the comprehensive workflow and registrar performance reports that ActiveTRACK delivers, provide the hospital with actionable information it uses to improve performance. Clinicians also have complete patient visibility across the facility and entire patient encounter and receive instant notifications when patients are ready to be seen, which limits calls to Registration and further improves efficiency. As the Director of IS Clinical Systems Services put it, “It’s a very constructive tool.”

In addition to this satisfaction with the solution itself, the IS Clinical Systems Services Director describes the overall working relationship with HealthWare Systems, including the organization’s customer service and ability to meet deadlines, as “absolutely amazing”:

“I would like to thank the whole staff there for working the way they did with us and, really, their time and their patience was amazing.”

The Benefits

The Director of IS Clinical Systems Services explained that now, thanks to the real-time updates ActiveTRACK provides, “there are no issues with the patients’ family members, there are no issues with the physicians, there are no issues with the staff” at the hospital. “We’ve created a great, great, great patient experience.”

In fact, the hospital’s patient satisfaction scores increased to 4.5 out of 5 stars after implementing the new technology. Patients and their family members now enjoy better communication from the healthcare facility as well as lower wait times. Due to their positive experience working with the company and the many benefits the hospital has experienced, the IS Clinical Systems Services Director would “absolutely” recommend HealthWare Systems and ActiveTRACK to other providers.

About ActiveTRACK

ActiveTRACK is HealthWare Systems’ patient tracking and lobby management solution. It integrates with a facility’s existing patient information system to provide real-time patient status while monitoring registration, throughput, and wait times. ActiveTRACK enables management to better allocate staff and resources and measure and reach specific goals related to increased efficiency, shorter registration and patient wait times, and improved patient experiences/satisfaction scores. Know where patients are at all times with ActiveTRACK.

HealthWare Systems specializes in integrating proprietary and third party patient access technologies into a seamless solution that ensures every patient encounter is financially and clinically cleared prior to date of service. Our solutions enforce data and documentation standards throughout the patient encounter. These benefits are provided as extensions to existing hospital information systems and other solutions. We provide the platform to “tie it all together” without replacing your investment in your current products and solutions.

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