HealthWare Systems offers an entire suite of revenue cycle & patient management technology solutions for rural healthcare facilities. These solutions easily integrate with your existing systems to improve processes in order management, pre-arrival, patient arrival, and final registration. Improving the patient experience is key to revenue cycle success. HealthWare Systems brings patient engagement to the forefront and enables healthcare facilities of any size to focus on patient care – instead of patient administration.

Order Management

Digital Order Management Technology Putting YOU in Control:

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  • Receive and manage all incoming physician orders electronically
  • Simply and immediately review orders for accuracy; reject and return incomplete orders with just one click
  • Route orders to appropriate departments electronically
  • Index orders for permanent, encrypted storage and future retrieval
  • Automatic security measures to ensure the integrity of all patient data, restricts data transmission to a list of approved destinations, and facilitates easy auditing and HIPAA compliance


Financial / Clinical Clearance

Financial Clearance Automation
  • Pre-Register
  • Insurance Verification
  • Preauthorizations
  • Medical Necessity
  • Price Estimation
  • Order Review
  • Results Capture
  • Abnormals Management
  • Interview Work Lists
  • Chart Creation
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Financial Screening & Collections

Many rural patients face unique barriers to healthcare access, which may include living long distances from healthcare facilities and specialists, poverty, provider shortages, and rural hospital closures or service cutbacks.

Rural patients are also more likely to be uninsured than are non-rural patients. Unfortunately, insufficient health coverage can cause patients to delay or avoid medical care altogether.

You can remove some of these obstacles and improve your patients’ access to the care they need by finding alternative funding sources for their medical costs and streamlining and automating the financial assistance process. This will both alleviate your patients’ financial burden and enhance the financial outlook of your own organization to ensure you remain open and can continue serving your patients and community.

  • Identify potential funding sources prior to date of service
  • Ensure provider is payer of last resort 
  • Segment and prioritize based on propensity to pay
  • Facilitate and assist staff with follow-up and financial counseling discussions
  • More effectively manage your self-pay and patient pay population
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Patient Arrival

Patient Encounter Management

Quality Assurance and Denial Prevention

  • Deficiency Tracking and Resolution – detects actionable and time-sensitive events, enforces deadlines and drive sbehavior through auto alerts
  • Accountability – maintains audit trail of each change, as well as produces user performance reports
  • Comprehensive Reporting – includes a complete library of interactive, on-demand reports for managing encounter issues and exceptions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Free Up Your Staff to Do More Productive Tasks

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) utilizes software robots, sometimes referred to as “BOTS”, to automate redundant, human-based processes.

  • Bots interact directly with software applications and websites
  • Handle virtually any scenario or work process
  • Populate fields
  • Respond to prompts
  • Capture results
  • Sample uses: High-volume data entry, Order transcription, Benefits verification, Prior authorization, Interactions with payer websites and clearinghouses, Claims, Appeals, Cash posting, Progress note reporting, And many more