HealthWare System’s Response to COVID-19

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Like the rest of you, we have spent the last days and weeks learning more about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its global impact.  For HealthWare Systems that means understanding its effect on our associates, clients, and our employees. Our primary objective is to ensure the safety of all, while still providing the same level of care and support we’ve always shown our customers.

This said we have made several adjustments to our daily operations in response to the threat of COVID-19.  Dates are subject to change as we navigate through the next few weeks.

  • Work remotely from home until further notice
  • Continue to provide seamless 24/7 support to our customers
  • Suspend travel until further notice
  • Restrict access to our office to authorized personnel only
  • Educate our staff on the best ways to prepare, prevent and identify symptoms of COVID-19

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve we will closely monitor guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization, along with local and state health officials.  We will be following all instructions and complying with all recommended strategies that are published and updated by these entities.

COVID-19_HWSWe at HealthWare would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone in the health care industry who are tirelessly working to protect our communities during this difficult time.  You are our health care heroes!

Best Regards,

Steve Gruner
HealthWare Systems

The Better Business Bureau Accreditation Seal: HealthWare Systems is now BBB Accredited.

HealthWare Systems Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation

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Press Release

HealthWare Systems Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation


The Better Business Bureau Accreditation Seal: HealthWare Systems is now BBB Accredited.

HealthWare Systems Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Elgin, IL:  HealthWare Systems is pleased to announce today that it has met all BBB standards and is now an Accredited Business.

Becoming an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau is an honor not accorded to all businesses, because not all businesses meet eligibility standards.

“Accreditation in the BBB is by invitation only” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “And only those businesses that meet our high standards and pass the review process are approved by our Board of Directors.”

As with all businesses that earn their Better Business Bureau Accreditation, HealthWare Systems has committed to the BBB Code of Business Practices.  The Code is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices on how businesses treat consumers. These standards call for building trust, embodying integrity, advertising honestly and being truthful. Bernas adds “To maintain their Accreditation a business must be transparent, honor their promises, be responsive to their customers, and safeguard their privacy.”

“It is imperative that our clients know how seriously we take our commitment to excellence and customer service,” said Steve Gruner, CEO and Founder of HealthWare Systems.

HealthWare Systems has been in business for 22 years, offering consumers the best in revenue cycle management technology. “We will continue to focus on what we do best – providing healthcare facilities with innovative software and unparalleled customer support ,” stated Steve Gruner.

To learn more about the standards that guide HealthWare Systems in serving its customers, visit the company’s website and Core Values page.

About HealthWare Systems:

HealthWare Systems is a leading provider of fully integrated, customizable workflow solutions and Revenue Cycle Management software. HealthWare’s suite of products, called ActiveWARE, manages all aspects of the revenue cycle including pre-arrival, financial assistance, early out, collections, denial management, claims follow-up, and more. The ActiveWARE platform is proven to maximize productivity and profitability so that today’s healthcare teams have more time and resources to spend on quality care.

About the Better Business Bureau:

As a private, non-profit organization, the purpose of the Better Business Bureau is to promote an ethical marketplace. BBBs help resolve buyer/seller complaints by means of conciliation, mediation and arbitration. BBBs also review advertising claims, online business practices and charitable organizations. BBBs develop and issue reports on businesses and nonprofit organizations and encourage people to check out a company or charity before making a purchase or donation.

Contact Information:

Name: Stephanie Salmich
Organization: HealthWare Systems
Address: 2205 Point Boulevard, Suite 160, Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: (847) 649-5100

Business process automation in healthcare.

What is Business Process Automation? (And How Can Healthcare Facilities Use BPA?)

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HealthWare Systems Blog

What is Business Process Automation?

(And How Can Healthcare Facilities Use BPA?)

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Business process automation (BPA) is the digital transformation of organizational workflows. BPA utilizes technology to automate manual, repetitive, routine tasks and to streamline processes. BPA applies business logic to respond to events, make information “actionable,” and anticipate next steps to proactively manage workflow.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

Business process automation enables organizations to assign their valuable time and employees’ skill sets to other objectives while technology takes care of the monotonous, time-consuming, and routine operations for them.

In addition to time, BPA saves organizations money. It is a cost-effective way to increase efficiency and speed up workflow. Plus, digital transformation of business procedures reduces paper usage (making processes more budget and environmentally friendly).

By limiting the opportunity for human error, BPA also improves accuracy and prevents deficiencies.

Business Process Automation in Healthcare

HealthWare SystemsFacilitator is a business process automation platform created specifically for healthcare.

Facilitator can apply BPA to the following areas that affect the healthcare revenue cycle:

Business process automation in healthcare.

Facilitator is a BPA platform built specifically for healthcare.

Pre-Arrival – prevents integrity issues that can result in technical denials or underpayments.

Prior Authorization – automates authorization requests using 278 transactions, web-crawling, fax requests, and payer portals; automatically checks status of pending authorizations; monitors status changes that affect patients’ authorized benefits.

Insurance Verification – verifies insurance in real time; identifies potential restrictions that may impact reimbursement; finds any unreported coverage by searching top regional payers.

Medical Necessity Checking – verifies medical necessity in real time; shares results with referring physician; produces ABN for patient signature; provides automated updates of LCD and NCD rules.

Financial Assistance Screening – determines the likelihood that patients will qualify for financial assistance; manages documentation requirements and selects/completes application forms based on eligibility program(s) pursued.

Appeals Management – routes denial work object to appropriate team member for resolution; generates appeal letter or form specific to payer or denial type; assembles appeals package and submits appeal; eliminates hard copies.

Release of Information – securely captures, gathers, and sends medical records; eliminates hard copies.

Electronic Medical Forms – business rules determine the correct forms needed for every patient’s specific encounter, so employees no longer need to memorize selection criteria; pre-populates forms with patient demographics.

Order/Referral Management – fast-tracks pre-registration by ensuring accurate and complete physician orders are received.

Automated Messaging – reminds patients of upcoming appointments.

And More

Is “BPA” in Your Site’s DNA? 

Business process automation is increasingly necessary for the success of today’s organizations, including those in the healthcare field. Through BPA, hospitals and health systems can streamline workflow while lowering costs, better allocating resources, and increasing accuracy.

Request a live demo to learn more about how you can transform workflow at your healthcare facility using business process automation.

By Stephanie Salmich