Case Study Shows Gains Made with Patient Registration Accuracy Tools

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Case Study Shows Gains Made with Patient Registration Accuracy Tools

Posted on Mon, Jul 29, 2013

In elementary school we all learned to double check our work. In the healthcare industry—particularly in revenue cycle management—it’s a lesson that bears repeating. According to HBI Academy research, the average healthcare facility owes approximately one-third of its claims denials (30-40 percent) to inaccurate or incomplete patient data. Annually, simple errors add up to roughly 0.5 percent in lost revenue.

A Better Way to Register Patients

Read about our role in a recent patient registration case study. By integrating our ActiveDEFENDER registration accuracy tool into one health system’s patient encounter process, we achieved the following results:

  • Collection of expected reimbursement grew from 91 percent to 99.4 percent.
  • Health system denials are tracking 20 percent below budget for FY2013.
  • Bad debt decreased by 50 percent.

Impressive, right? Here’s some background on who we helped and why it worked.

The Problem: Insufficient Auditing and Subpar Manual Reviews

Bon Secours Charity Health is a three-hospital, 600-bed system based in Suffern, New York. Not long ago, BSCH was losing somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.9 million, due to claims denials, every yearA new VP of revenue cycle operations came aboard to evaluate patient access points and implement a manual review process for quality assurance. But the system was still handcuffed by downsizing and restructuring; the auditing efforts weren’t enough.

The Solution: Advanced Patient Registration Technology

Bon Secours partnered with us, to tap our advanced, registration quality assurance tools. The addition of ActiveDEFENDER, with its 80 customized checks on patient encounter data, helped to promote accuracy and registrar performance. BSCH is also working with us now to implement ActiveCHECK and its real-time registration alerts.

Get the full story on patient registration and the accuracy tools that make double checking easy.

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